You got questions, we got answers. Generally speaking with coffee, those questions have to do with a few main things.


Is this coffee organic?

Bigger picture to us is, "Is this coffee ecologically sustainable?" and the answer to that is yes. We work with different farms and mills throughout the year, and some are Organic Certified, some are Rainforest Alliance, and other carry other certifications. Some farmers decide not to certify organic, for instance, if the harvest is small in order to save money, even if they followed the practices. We only buy fully traceable coffee so we know it is good on mama earth.


Is this coffee Fair Trade?

This coffee is better than "Fair Trade", which is a copyrighted certificate. We mostly look for direct trade with farmers and mills, and many times pay well above fair trade so the farmer's livelihoods are stable and they are able to up their game in terms of quality. By buying transparently traded coffee, we also know we are getting the best beans whereas fair trade blends together mostly below average coffee.


What's the roast?

Matte Black Signature Blend is a modern approach to a traditional profile. Yeah, sounds like it doesn't make sense, but basically we are applying the science and experience that lead us to being Roaster of the Year to making your dark roast a better dark roast.


The hell with 14 ounces?

We never felt that 12 ounces was enough for a week, and 16 ounces had too large a carbon footprint for shipping, so we are packing as much into a bag as possible for you, our beloved customer.