Matte Black Coffee is an experience like no other. Introducing an idea and bringing it to life, in a new reality. Bridging the worlds of hospitality, art, and coffee. This project has many highlights such as “World’s first cold brew bar,” “Mind bending visuals”, and “World Class immersive experience.”

The concept is brought together by creatives in their own realm:

Joshua Vides - 

Southern California based illustrator and visual artist. His work defines the premise of pop art through immersive illustrations and a range of limited products. His latest concept, Reality to Idea, highlights the shape and form of objects through a Black & White comic-like perspective.


James Malone -

The jack of all trades. A coffee lover at heart. James’s work goes from entertainment, construction, to beer. He brought his family Mostra Coffee to the MBC table. A winner of 2020’s Micro-roaster of the year. 

Andy Nguyen -

The serial foodie. His experience in developing food & beverage concepts are second to none. Andy’s had his hands in creating brands such as Afters Ice Cream, Portside Fish Co, Dough & Arrow, and many others.